Meenakshi Pundir

   – Digital Marketer

I find pleasure in analyzing concepts, exchanging ideas with individuals who share my interests, and discussing the future of digital marketing, data science, and analytics.

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About Me

Data-driven digital marketing strategist with a creative edge.
Driving brands growth through adaptive marketing strategies.

Experienced digital marketing professional specializing in data-driven strategies and leveraging creativity to deliver impactful results.

Over the course of the past 6 years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with over 30 brands, consistently delivering exceptional results. What truly drives me is the immense satisfaction derived from helping businesses thrive through the power of data-driven insights. I find great fascination in unraveling the complexities of user engagement with content and utilizing data to make informed and strategic decisions that propel business growth.

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Discover the game-changing potential of data!  Embracing data analytics in your digital marketing endeavors is crucial for informed decision-making and crafting winning business strategies. Ignoring its power is no longer an option.

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I specialize in

Leveraging data, creativity, and skills for digital marketing success and business growth.
Marketing Strategy

Achieving business growth through strategic marketing plans encompassing market analysis, targeted campaigns, and data-driven decision-making for effective results.

Data Analytics

Utilizing advanced analytics tools for continuous monitoring and evaluation of digital marketing initiatives, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimization of strategies.

Tracking Implementation

Deploying robust tracking systems to collect and analyze data, enabling valuable insights for informed decision-making, optimization of strategies, and achieving desired business outcomes.

Ad Accounts Auditing

Conducting extensive ad account audits across various channels and analyzing customer flow on websites to identify optimization opportunities and enhance overall campaign performance.

Ad Campaign Management

Managing and optimizing paid advertising campaigns across diverse platforms such as Meta, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapchat to drive impactful results and maximize ROI.

Media Planning

Implementing and executing media plans precisely to achieve maximum reach and impact, leveraging strategic targeting and messaging strategies across multiple channels for optimal results and growth.

Work Experience

Throughout the past 6 years, I’ve collaborated with an extensive portfolio of 30+ brands, leveraging data-driven insights to fuel business growth. I find great fascination in the realm of digital marketing, particularly in deciphering the intricacies of user content interaction and harnessing the power of data to steer strategic business decisions.

Digital Marketing Manager

Employed a holistic approach to enhance website flow & delivered the exceptional user experience. Conducted thorough  analysis, & executed winning strategies to maximize campaign effectiveness & propel brand growth.

Digital Marketing Manager

Employed a holistic approach to enhance website flow & delivered the exceptional user experience. Conducted thorough  analysis, & executed winning strategies to maximize campaign effectiveness & propel brand growth.

Digital Marketing Analyst

Managed & optimized omnichannel campaigns, consistently achieving 25-30% monthly growth. Created impactful advertisements & implemented strategies that led to a remarkable 300% improvement in CR.

Assistant Marketing Manager

Led the Paid Media Team, & drove highly successful Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns for personal care, fashion, and lifestyle consumer brands and achieved a minimum of 25% monthly revenue growth.

Digital Marketing Executive

Proficiently executed & managed campaigns, implementing effective marketing strategies to meet targets. Analyzed data, made performance-enhancing adjustments,& prioritized ROI-driven campaigns.

Business Analyst

Obtained in-depth knowledge of digital marketing reporting & core elements. Proficiently executed campaigns monitored performance, and gained expertise in Facebook platform utilization.

Skills and Interests

The Highlight of My Career

Scaled Feminine Hygiene Care Brand

  • Increased sale of the brand by more then 200%. 
  • Worked on the website flow & landing pages that Improved the Conversion rate by 300%.
  • AOV has been improved by 150% by testing on product combinations.
  • Performed A/ B testing that led to insignificant growth in the brands performance.
  • List of Few Brands that I have worked with, in Last 6 Years

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